Safehouse Coffee Roasters is a non profit micro coffee roaster, equipment reseller, coffee wholesaler and coffee shop located in historic downtown Griffin, Ga.

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Periodic Espresso Price: $15.00

Currently, our seasonal Periodic Espresso is packed with dark fruit and berry flavors and a malted chocolate sweetness that turns up in a fresh citrus snap at the finish without an overbearing brightness.

Periodic Espresso Decaf Price: $15.00

A dominant honey graham cracker sweetness on the front of this decaf espresso quickly gives way to jammy black currant with muscadine skin on the finish. Hard to believe its really decaf and is stellar in milk drinks.

PLENTY Price: $11.00

PLENTY is a coffee for sharing. Whether at home, the office, or a high volume coffee shop, PLENTY is blended to provide flavor consistency season after season.

Danch Meng Ethiopia Price: $17.00

Danch Meng is a coffee sourced through the Levelup Program of Ninety Plus. As the latest member of the White Label Program you can expect big exotic flavors of blueberry caused by the natural processing but it stays clean and sweet through out the cup.

Quisaya #15 Price: $16.00

This is our favorite Guatemalan lot that we have had in years. Soft sweet milk chocolate and muscadine make this the perfect anytime coffee. Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Pache Elevation: 1750 masl Process: Washed

Monte Rosa Price: $15.00

This 100% Caturra lot is true to its varietal with a light body and citric brightness. However, the light brown sugar sweetness and honeydew melon notes keep the cup from being overly bright.

Santa Marta Estate Price: $15.00

The aroma of this Finca Santa Marta Estate Lot is like smelling a 70% cocoa Askinosie chocolate bar and in the flavor in the cup is like grandmother's sugar toast with a little light Caro syrup on it.

Burundi Kayanza Karehe Price: $15.00

Unmistakably dark fruited but the brightness is not washed out as is common in low-toned coffees like this; beautifully balanced with a heavy mouthfeel, this is the coffee for people who want a "dark" cup.

Sixto Granados Decaf Price: $15.00

You won't believe this is decaf. The aroma brings graham cracker and caramelized sugar that turns to bread pudding full of figs and raisins in the cup.