Safehouse Coffee Roasters is a non profit micro coffee roaster, equipment reseller, coffee wholesaler and coffee shop located in historic downtown Griffin, Ga.

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PLENTY Price: $11.00

PLENTY is a coffee for sharing. Whether at home, the office, or a high volume coffee shop, PLENTY is blended to provide flavor consistency season after season.

FOCUS Price: $12.00

For those with darker tastes, we have developed FOCUS. Roasted a little bit gentler for a little bit longer, FOCUS will wake you up in the morning and perk you up throughout the day without the overbearing bitterness of most dark roasts.

Periodic Espresso Price: $15.00

Currently, our seasonal Periodic Espresso is packed with dark fruit and berry flavors and a malted chocolate sweetness that turns up in a fresh citrus snap at the finish without an overbearing brightness.

Periodic Espresso Decaf Price: $15.00

A dominant honey graham cracker sweetness on the front of this decaf espresso quickly gives way to jammy black currant with muscadine skin on the finish. Hard to believe its really decaf and is stellar in milk drinks.

Franco Garbanzo Washed Price: $15.00

The first of two lots that we have this season from Franco Garbanzo, this washed coffee is even more delicious than last year's menu favorite! Made up of arabica varietals from Cataui to Geisha, this coffee is nuanced and super clean in the cup.

La Violeta Honey Price: $15.00

Franco Garbanzo continues to amaze this season. This Chardonnay-like coffee is honey processed which means some of the coffee fruit was left on the beans through much of its processing.

Byron Corrales Nicaragua Price: $15.00

Nicaragua is a coffee origin that we have not carried in many years but Byron won us over with this sweet, bright, lemony selection. The citrus notes are guaranteed to summon visions of summer on chilly mornings.

Finca El Timpixque Price: $15.00

Run by Estuardo Falla and his family for the last 125 years, Finca El Tempixque has produced something remarkable this year. The Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai varietals, grown at up to 1650 meters have produced honey, apple and chocolate notes in the cup.

Sugarcane Decaf Price: $15.00

This coffee was grown and harvested at the Lopez Family's farm, it also includes a few of their neighbors and friends farms located in the Pijao, Quindio Region. The coffee was picked ripe and depulped the same day, then fermented for 24 hours.